About Pinnacle Commodity Group

Pinnacle Commodity Group L.L.C. was formed in West Central Minnesota with its location in Alexandria, MN. PCG specializes in investment trading geared towards futures and options in numerous intra and inter market spread relationships. PCG is equipped with full technical analysis, current fundamental outlook, historic charting and the latest trading platform technology for optimal performance. Pinnacle Commodity group L.L.C. was founded with one main objective: to assist investors in portfolio growth while not exceeding their desired risk tolerance.


Tyler Golberg

Tyler worked in the oil industry for 5 years in the directional drilling sector. His experience was mainly focused on high accuracy survey technology for mapping the wellbore path in order to hit the target or determine the final location of the well. With work experience in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, Tyler has a unique perspective to the global energy market and how it is affected by current and future drilling activity. He has also studied the grain and meat markets for the past 10 years looking for spread trades and value buys.

Tyler and his wife Rachel make their home in Alexandria, MN. They enjoy traveling abroad, working on side projects, like CYBERsprout, and participating in the Alex Rotary Club. They occupy their time with their two kids and their two adopted dogs, Sadie and Sheldon.

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